How to Twtt

Learn How to Twtt

Well, it’s really very simple to Twtt, means to promote your tweets. All you have to do is just follow this three-step process. To circulate your most amazing Tweets in the form of Twtts.

The Process –

  1. Visit Join Us page fill that simple form, quickly.
  2. Now create the Post of Your Twitter Handle/Username as it’s Title.
  3. Start embedding your favorite Tweets on that under that post. Follow the post below picture to understand it better.Welcome to Twtts

Now, Keep Calm and See the Magic.

Our automatic system at Twtts will post those Tweets on various user’s Twitter and Facebook FeedBox on peak hours (when most of the people are online). Then they’ll follow the short link and visit the Twtts page of yours and stated Liking and RT those beautifully crafted Twtts of yours.

But I’ve a doubt!

Great! Please feel free share it with us. Just visit the Contact Us page.