Twtts Debate

Twtts Debate

According to a Harvard University research report, every 5th Twitter User engage him or herself  in Debate and Brickbats. But most of the time your opinions are left unheard. So why don’t take the Twitter Debate to new high. Engaged in Twtt-to-Twtt collision at Twtts Debate. Simply put your Tweet against your opponent’s tweet and get Likes & RTs by readers.

So over here, we’ll offer to columns for our users to take side of their icon/issue and put their Twtts against opponent. Most importantly, our the users have to abide by few rules, like…

  • They can’t use offensive language.
  • Can’t upload sexually explicit image or video.
  • Avoid sharing any sort of personal information.

Remember, all the your Twtts (posts) will be monitored & moderated by users & viewers, and violation would result in IP Address block.

Twtts or any of its Team Member isn’t responsible in any way, for any content published or Tweeted on our website. If you found any such thing then report it at earliest!!